1973-74 Warren Jabali ABA Denver Rockets Worn Warm-Up Uniform

There are no manufacturer’s tags present in the jacket. Inside the rear collar are two tags, “42” and “1 LB”. Vertically down the front is “DENVER” in purple tackle twill. Inside the rear waistband of the matching pants are two flag tags, “34” and “1 LB”. Down inside the seam is a large faded flag tag. “12” is written in black marker. Down each leg is “ROCKETS” in purple tackle twill.

Notes: Years of Existence: 1967-68 through 1973-74 Colors: 1967-68 through 1970-71: Black, Orange & White 1971-72 through 1973-74: Columbine Blue & Yellow Home Arenas: Auditorium Arena (6,900) Denver Coliseum (10,200) Coaches: 1967-68 through 1968-69: Bob Bass 1969-70: John McClendon & Joe Belmont 1970-71: Joe Belmont & Stan Albeck 1971-72 through 1973-74: Alex Hannum